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Important Dates


16th August 2019 - Closing date for the Piano Festival section of the Wharfedale Festival section.

8th September 2019 - Closing date for entries into The Dance Championship.

15th-17th October 2019 - The Piano Festival will take place in the Christchurch Sanctuary on The Grove.

2nd-3rd, 9th-10th November 2019 - The Wharfedale Festival's Dance Championship including our heat of Miss Dance 2019 to be held in Guiseley Theatre, Guiseley.


Wharfedale Festival Speech & Drama 2017 Results.

P1: An Original Poem Year 4 & under: 1st Nour Javed (Katy Trophy); 2nd George Hyde; 3rdScarlett Ferguson

P2: An Original Poem Year 7 & under: 1st Sarah Carr (Thorpe Trophy); 2nd Oliver Moscrop; 3rd Tilly Harney

P3: An Original Poem Year 4 & under: Jenna Zamir (Fledgling Cup)

P7: An Original Poem, no age limit: 1st Joan M Harris; 2nd Angela Cunningham; 3rd John Webster

P8: Dialect: Kevin Flaherty

P 9: Poem in a Traditional Form, Year 11 & under: Eliza Richardson

P 10: Poem in a Traditional Form, no age limit: 1st...

BBC Radio Leeds Poetry Cup (For the Most Outstanding Poem in the Open Classes) : Angela Cunningham


The Mary Kilduff Plate (For the Most Outstanding Verse Speaker): Romany Branston


The YTV Trophy (For the Most Outstanding Festival Performance in Speech and Drama): Jamie Lynch


The Cooperative Cup (For the Most Outstanding Collaborative Performance): Upstage Academy Intermediates


The Denis Sharp Bursary (For a Residential Drama Course): Chloe Denny


The Edith Atkinson Trophy (for the most promising Verse Speaker) went to Henry Titchmarsh

Class 56 Barbershop: 1st White Rose Chorus, 2nd Ring True, 3rd LS19 Quartet


Class 53: Junior Choirs year 6 and under: 1st Moorfield School, 2nd QEGS Lower School Choir, 3rd St Walburga’s RC Primary


Class 37: Junior Ensemble: 1st Giggleswick Junior Samba Band, 2nd Giggleswick Junior Chamber Group, 3rd Giggleswick Junior Orchestra

Class 40: Young Musician Solo Year 6 and under: 1st Thomas Reeson, 2nd Ben Kelt Joint 3rd Lucy Laycock, Madeleine Evans


Class 20: Memorised Prose Year 3: 1st Hattie Nolan, 2nd Lucinda Leeming, 3rd Heidi Wood

Class 26A: Public Speaking: 1st Dhruv Patil 2nd Eesa Ashfaq, Ione Wardell, 3rd Zachariah Ashfaq

Class 26B: Public Speaking: 1st Jamie Lynch, 2nd Ubayd Rehman, 3rd Ella Grech-Cini

Class 27: Prepared Talk no age limit: 1st Jamie Lynch

Class 28: Sight Reading no age limit: 1st Alex Roach, 2nd Dhruv Patil,   3rd Lydia Huby

Class 29: Prepared Bible Reading: 1st Lydia Huby, 2nd Jamie Lynch

Class 31: Choral Speaking year 11 and under: 1st Upstage Academy Intermediates, 2nd Upstage...

Class 1A: Verse Speaking Year 2: 1st Georgie Hughes, 2nd Freddie Brosnan, 3rd Amy Rivers

Class 1B: Verse Speaking Year 2: 1st Erin Canning, 2nd Arthur Joli, 3rd Ellis Belford

Class 3: Verse Speaking Year 4: 1st Phoebe Roe, 2nd Jemima McDonald, 3rd William McCutcheon

Class 5: Verse Speaking Year 6: 1st Henry Titchmarsh, 2nd Abigail Hopkins-Russell, 3rd Freya Ellis

Class 15: Solo Characterisation Year 9 and Under: 1st Rohan Green, 2nd Chloe Denny, 3rd Alfie Davies

Class 16: Solo Characterisation Year 11 and Under: 1st Constance Richards, 2nd Megan Malcolm, 3rd Zara Bayliss

Class 2A: Verse Speaking Year 3: 1st Suki Hutchinson, 2nd Isla Hutchinson, 3rd Teegan Harrison

Class 2:  Verse Speaking Year 3: 1st Harry Schmidt, 2nd Jake Robinson, 3rd Sam Woodward

Class 4: Verse Speaking Year 5: 1st Emily Hughes, 2nd Aiya Agustin, 3rd Lucy Cooke

Class 6: Verse Speaking Year 7: 1st Romany Branston, 2nd Alex Roach

Class 7: Verse Speaking Novice: 1st Aleena Mahmood, 2nd Rehan Ali, 3rd Ayaan Adil

Class 8: Verse Speaking Year 11 and under: 1st Romany Branston

Class 9: Verse Speaking no age limit: 1st Romany Branston


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Festival Secretaries

General Secretary
Mrs Patricia Dibb
01943 865180


Speech & Drama Secretaries
Mrs Julie James
01943 433444

Mrs Elizabeth Whiteley
01943 830780

Piano Festival Secretary

Piano Festival Secretary

Mrs Evelyn van Terheyden
11, Oaklands,
Westwood Drive,
Ilkley. LS29 9RE

Telephone: 01943 600470
Mobile: 07951 533653


Piano Festival

Dance Championship


Mrs Ivy Wailes
Highfield House
184 Walton Park
Harrogate HG3 1RJ

Telephone: 01423 870616
Mobile: 07503150502 


Dance Championship

Latest News

Duke of York Community Award

The Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts has been awarded the Duke of York Community Initiative Award for our work with Special Educational Needs children/young people.

The Duke of York Community Initiative Award