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Affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech

Important Dates


15th-17th October 2019 - The Piano Festival will take place in the Christchurch Sanctuary on The Grove.

2nd-3rd, 9th-10th November 2019 - The Wharfedale Festival's Dance Championship including our heat of Miss Dance 2019 to be held in Guiseley Theatre, Guiseley.


Poetry and Short Story Writing Competition Results

P1. Year 4 & under: Fledgling Cup- Matthew Moscrop
P2. Year 7 & under: Thorpe Trophy- Jackson Whewell
P7. Original Poem, no age limit: Pennant Roberts trophy- Maria Stephenson
P8. Dialect Poem, no age limit: Maria Stephenson
P10. Poem in traditional form, no age limit: Douglas Young Trophy- Kevin Flaherty
P11. Poem ‘Truth and Lies’, no age limit- Alf Spencer
P12. Humorous Poem, no age limit- Angela Cunningham
S13. Short story year 4 & under- Rafferty Bannister
S14. Short story, year 6 & under-Zach Richards
S16. Short story, no age limit- Kim Bridges

Congratulations to all entrants.

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Festival Secretaries

General Secretary
Mrs Patricia Dibb
01943 865180


Speech & Drama Secretaries
Mrs Julie James
01943 433444

Mrs Elizabeth Whiteley
01943 830780

Piano Festival Secretary

Piano Festival Secretary

Mrs Evelyn van Terheyden
11, Oaklands,
Westwood Drive,
Ilkley. LS29 9RE

Telephone: 01943 600470
Mobile: 07951 533653


Piano Festival

Dance Championship


Mrs Ivy Wailes
Highfield House
184 Walton Park
Harrogate HG3 1RJ

Telephone: 01423 870616
Mobile: 07503150502 


Dance Championship

Latest News

Duke of York Community Award

The Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts has been awarded the Duke of York Community Initiative Award for our work with Special Educational Needs children/young people.

The Duke of York Community Initiative Award