Poetry and Short Story Writing Competition Results

P1. Year 4 & under: Fledgling Cup- Matthew Moscrop
P2. Year 7 & under: Thorpe Trophy- Jackson Whewell
P7. Original Poem, no age limit: Pennant Roberts trophy- Maria Stephenson
P8. Dialect Poem, no age limit: Maria Stephenson
P10. Poem in traditional form, no age limit: Douglas Young Trophy- Kevin Flaherty
P11. Poem ‘Truth and Lies’, no age limit- Alf Spencer
P12. Humorous Poem, no age limit- Angela Cunningham
S13. Short story year 4 & under- Rafferty Bannister
S14. Short story, year 6 & under-Zach Richards
S16. Short story, no age limit- Kim Bridges

Congratulations to all entrants.

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