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Affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals Logo

Affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech

Youngest Person Placed in a class: Yuhan Feng (aged 5)

Winner of Year 6 & 8 Recital Class and Year 8 Duets: Allan Zeng (aged 6)

Committee Award for 8 Years and Under: Leon Price

Winner of the Mawson Plate: Olivia Rix (most promising pianist under 12)

Committee Award for Years 12 & Under: Hugo Murray, winner of Year7 and  

                                                                                                                  Year12 classes


Year 6 & Under Duet Award: Lucinda Leeming & Jemima Escreet

Year 6 & Under Trio Award: Amelia Barclay, Hope Basham, Olivia Rix

Year 8 & Under Duet Award:  Allan and Jinghan Zeng

2nd Place Year 10 & Under Duets: Ellie Coral, Emily Gibbons

Year 10 & Under Duet Award: Krish Desha Beerachee, Sanjitha Ganesh



Committee Award Under 14 yrs: Sabina Palferman, winner of Yr10 Recital Class

Committee Award Under 16 yrs: Ellie Coral, 2nd in Yr10. Recital Class

Hamilton’s Music Award for beautiful performance: Evie Kitching

HSBC Rosebowl for most promising pianist under 12: Yuxuan Feng


                                    MAJOR AWARDS

Cavendish Trophy & £50 for the most artistic interpretation of a piece:

       Sabrina Spilker

Ilkley Town Council Trophy to the most promising pianist under 18:

      Jinghan Zeng

Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts Bursary of £300 towards further Piano Tuition:

   Krish Desha Beerachee: winner of 3 classes and second in 2

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Festival Secretaries

General Secretary
Mrs Patricia Dibb
01943 865180


Speech & Drama Secretaries
Mrs Julie James
01943 433444

Mrs Elizabeth Whiteley
01943 830780

Piano Festival Secretary

Piano Festival Secretary

Mrs Evelyn van Terheyden
11, Oaklands,
Westwood Drive,
Ilkley. LS29 9RE

Telephone: 01943 600470
Mobile: 07951 533653


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