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Affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech

Important Dates


1st March 2020 - Closing date for Poetry and Short Story Writing Competition.

28th & 29th April 2020 - Speech and Drama Classes at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

30th April 2020 - Choirs and Music Classes at the Kings Hall, Ilkley

30th April 2020 - Council Evening Concert at the Winter Gardens, Ilkley

1st May 2020 - Primary Schools "Big Sing" at Westville House School, Middleton

15th August 2020 - Closing Date for entries to the Piano Classes

13th -15th October 2020 - Piano Classes at Christchurch Sanctuary, The Grove

16th October 2020 - Piano Classes Celebration Concert

Results from the fourth and final day of the 2018 Speech & Drama Festival, held in the KING’S HALL, Friday 11 May

10am: Class 63. Junior Choirs, Year 4 & under( ILKLEY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL TROPHY)
1. Wakefield Girls’ High School, Lower School
2. QEGS Wakefield Lower School Choir

10.30am: Class 64. Junior Choirs, Year 6 & under (FRANK NEWBOULD TROPHY)
1. Wakefield Girls’ High School
2= Moorfield School, St Walburga’s Catholic Primary School
3. Fulneck School

11.30am: Class 65. Senior Choirs. Year 13 & under (AKEROYD TROPHY)
1. Moorfield School

2pm: Class 47. Junior Ensemble, Year 6 & under (HARRY BRITTON TROPHY)
1. Moorfield School
2. Burley Oaks Primary

2.30pm: Class 49. Junior Mixed Recorder and Instrumental Groups, Year 9 & under (MARGARET HUNTER TROPHY)
1. Moorfield School
2. Burley Oaks Primary

8pm: Class 67.Barbershop Quartet or Group, no age limit (RICHARDS TROPHY)
1. In Cahoots
2. Daytones Harmony Chorus
3. White Rose Chorus

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Festival Secretaries

General Secretary
Mrs Patricia Dibb
01943 865180


Speech & Drama Secretaries
Mrs Julie James
01943 433444

Mrs Elizabeth Whiteley
01943 830780

Piano Festival Secretary

Piano Festival Secretary

Mrs Evelyn van Terheyden
11, Oaklands,
Westwood Drive,
Ilkley. LS29 9RE

Telephone: 01943 600470
Mobile: 07951 533653


Piano Festival

Dance Championship


Mrs Ivy Wailes
Highfield House
184 Walton Park
Harrogate HG3 1RJ

Telephone: 01423 870616
Mobile: 07503150502 


Dance Championship

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