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15th August 2020 - Closing Date for entries to the Piano Classes

13th -15th October 2020 - Piano Classes at Christchurch Sanctuary, The Grove

16th October 2020 - Piano Classes Celebration Concert

Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts - Speech & Drama LogoReport on 112th  May Festival: Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts, Ilkley   

Another busy Wharfedale week concluded at the Craiglands last week with the ‘Music Makers’ class for children with special needs from all over the area, playing instruments and performing for an audience. Run by YAMSEN, this morning gave the opportunity for them to treat the listeners to pieces prepared in school over the previous months and to take a well earned bow. The ensuing picnic ensured a very positive end to a lovely morning.

The event had been foreshadowed the previous week by a drama morning for young adults...

Results from the fourth and final day of the 2018 Speech & Drama Festival, held in the KING’S HALL, Friday 11 May

10am: Class 63. Junior Choirs, Year 4 & under( ILKLEY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL TROPHY)
1. Wakefield Girls’ High School, Lower School
2. QEGS Wakefield Lower School Choir

10.30am: Class 64. Junior Choirs, Year 6 & under (FRANK NEWBOULD TROPHY)
1. Wakefield Girls’ High School
2= Moorfield School, St Walburga’s Catholic Primary School
3. Fulneck School

11.30am: Class 65. Senior Choirs. Year 13 & under (AKEROYD TROPHY)
1. Moorfield School

2pm: Class 47. Junior Ensemble, Year 6 & under (HARRY BRITTON TROPHY)

Results from the third day of the 2018 Speech & Drama Festival, held in the KING’S HALL, Thursday 10 May

10am – 1.30pm: Class 62. School Choirs’ Workshop and Mini Concert
Non- competitive fun led by the adjudicator, Sam Dunkley- every choir was a winner.

2.30pm: Class 53. Young Musician Solo, Year 6 & under (DICK KITCHING TROPHY)
1. Theodore Sturman (Violin)
2. Rory Wilkinson (trumpet)
3. Emily Wood (clarinet)

3.10pm: Class 58. Classical Guitar Solo, Year 6 & under
1. Phoebe Dickinson

3.20pm: Class 54. Young Musician Solo, Year 13 & under (VALERIE JACKSON TROPHY)
1. Ben Prichard (trombone)

6pm: Class...

Results from the second day of the 2018 Speech & Drama Festival, held in the Saxon Room at Criaglands.

9.30am: Class 2. Verse Speaking, Year 3
1. Alexander Marsden
2= Evelyn Kennedy, Poppy Watmough
3= Georgie Hughes, Freddie McCutcheon, Amber Khan

11am: Class 17. Choral Speaking, Year 6 & under
1. Ghyll Royd School

11.20am: Class 7. Verse Speaking- Novice, Years 3 – 6 (open to EAL pupils)
1. Safa Ali
2. Tanya Safeer
3. Huriyah Arub

1.30pm: Class28. Prepared Prose Reading, Year 6
1. Emily Hughes
2. Thomas Holder
3.Alfie Sanderson

3.30pm: Class 6. Verse Speaking, Year 7
1. Alexander...

Results from the second day of the 2018 Speech & Drama Festival, held in the Conservatory at Criaglands.

1.30pm: Class 24 .Memorised Prose, Year2
1. William Leeming
2. Leena Kamran

1.45pm. Class 25. Memorised Prose, Year 3
1. Lily O’Garra
2. Olive Taylor
3= Maxim Baker, Elsa Baldwin

3pm: Class 32. Public Speaking A, Year 9 & under
1. Abhay Nambiar

3.30pm: Class 32. Public Speaking B, Year 11 & under
1. Jamie Lynch
2. Dileep Darjipati
3. Hasan Khan

4pm: Class 33 Public Speaking, no age limit
1. Jamie Lynch
2. Holly Rouse
3. Dileep Darjipati

4.15pm: Class 36.

10am: Class 41. Drama workshop for young adults with additional needs held on Wednesday, 9 May in the Conservatory at Craiglands.

Participants: Toby Berry, Robert Davies, Lizzie Beatham, Kathryn Prowse, Danielle Booth, Shannon Jackson, Nick Simon, Adrian Swallow


Results from the first day of the 2018 Speech & Drama Festival, held in the Conservatory at Criaglands.

9.30am: Class 3. Verse Speaking, Year 4
1. Sophie Hughes
2= Katie Corrigan, Lucy Sheldon
3= Erin Brough, Matilda Evans

10.30am: Class 4. Verse Speaking Year 5
1. Scarlett Farr
2=Phoebe Roe, Jemima McDonald
3= Alice Titchmarsh, William McCutcheon, Sally Hallas-Fawcett

1.30pm: Class 26. Prepared Prose Reading, Year 4
1. Heidi Wood
2= Jemima Escreet, Oliver Holder
3= Sophie Hughes, Nell Ritchie, Harriet Nolan

3pm: Class 31. Public Speaking. Year 6 & under
1. Eesa Ashfaq
2. Zachariah Ashfaq

3.15pm: Class 35. Prepared...

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