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Important Dates


March 1st 2018 Closing Date for entries into the Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition.

March 5th 2018 Closing Date for entries into the Speech & Drama Festival.

May 8th to 11th 2018 - The 112th Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts (Speech & Drama) takes place in Ilkley.


Speech & Drama Syllabus


Piano & Song Syllabus

Secretary's Foreword

Welcome to the Wharfedale Festival Syllabus for 2016. 

We are proud to be celebrating our hundred and tenth Festival in May 2016.  I am sorry if you find that our range of classes is diminished this year.  For reasons beyond our control we are having to restructure our Festival and this has resulted in many changes.  You will notice a change in the entry closure date from February to March.  This means that late entries WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED.  We have moved the Festival on one week, thus avoiding SATS week altogether, hoping that this will result in more support from our valued Performers.  The biggest change of all is the removal of the Pianoforte and Junior Vocal (solo) classes from the main body of the Festival. These classes will now take place on 18th - 20th October 2016, the venues to be announced.  Please watch our website for confirmation.

Also on the website, at you will find all our Rules and Regulations.  Please take time to check them out as they form a most important basis to our Festival organisation.   

Although the proposed scheduling of classes is indicated alongside each one, I would respectfully remind you that the Festival reserves the right to alter these should circumstances so dictate.  Such adecision will not be taken lightly and only as a lastresort.  It has also been decided as a Festival policy that solo classes with fewer than 3 entries will be cancelled and NOT TAKE PLACE. For further information, please contact the Secretary either by telephone or at her e-mail address. 

I would like to appeal to all who submit entries that they ensure these are posted in time to arrive on or before the closing date, i.e. 20th March, 2016.  Please make sure that you have placed sufficient postage on your envelope as failure to do so causes considerable inconvenience and unnecessary journeys of several miles to the nearest sorting office.  It cannot be guaranteed that your entry, music, etc will be collected.




All musicians are allowed to use the services of their own Accompanist.  If you wish to use a Festival Official Accompanist, you are asked to indicate this on your Entry Form in the appropriate place.  All music must be sent with the entry form.  Failure to comply may result in performing without accompaniment.

Please only use the Official Entry Form to submit your entries and  DO NOT TEAR IT IN HALF before returning it.  I need the information on both sides of the page.  Please read your Entry Form carefully as it contains important additional information.  It would aid our scheduling if you would indicate whether or not you are available to attend daytime classes.  If I have enclosed a Composite Entry Form, please only use this to indicate multiple entries.  It is not designed for single entry performers.

Many thanks.


Elizabeth M Sharp        

Festival Secretary


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Festival Secretaries

General Secretary
Mrs Patricia Dibb
01943 865180


Speech & Drama Secretaries
Mrs Julie James
01943 433444

Mrs Elizabeth Whiteley
01943 830780

Piano & Song Festival Organiser

Piano & Song Festival Organiser

Mrs Evelyn van Terheyden
11, Oaklands,
Westwood Drive,
Ilkley. LS29 9RE

Telephone: 01943 600470
Mobile: 07951 533653


Piano & Song Festival

Dance Championship


Mrs Ivy Wailes
Highfield House
184 Walton Park
Harrogate HG3 1RJ

Telephone: 01423 870616
Mobile: 07503150502 


Dance Championship

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Duke of York Community Award

The Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts has been awarded the Duke of York Community Initiative Award for our work with Special Educational Needs children/young people.

The Duke of York Community Initiative Award