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Important Dates


1 March 2022 - Closing date for entries to the Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts Speech, Drama and Music Festival 2022.

17th- 20th May 2022 - 2022 Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts Speech, Drama and Music Festival.

Tuesday 15 October

P 3 Piano Solo Yr. 4 & Under :

 W. Olivia Rix; =2.Samir Evans, Yuhan Feng; =3.Victoria Benson, Lexi Mather

P4. Piano Solo Yr. 5 & Under:

W. Joseph Mason; =2. Yuxuan Feng, Emily Wood, Samuel Hess, Ethan Butland

P5.Piano Solo Yr. 6 & Under:

W. Yuxuan  Feng; 2. Nell Ritchie; 3. Lucinda Leeming

P6. Piano Solo Yr. 6 (Own Choice at least Grade 1)

W.  Allan Zeng; 2. Yuhan Feng; 3. Jasmin Rhodes

P7. Piano Solo (own choice, novice) Yr. 6 & Under

W. Samir Evans

P8. Piano Duet Yr. 6 & Under

W. Lucinda Leeming & Jemima Escreet; 2. Yuhan & Yuxuan Feng;

  3. Jasmin Rhodes & Amelia Barclay

P9. Piano Trio Yr. 6 & Under

W. Amelia Barclay, Hope Basham, Olivia Rix

2. Maya Dar, Lexi Mather, Tia Rhodes

3. Jemima Escreet, Lucinda Leeming, Jasmin Rhodes

  Elizabeth Impey, Nadine Locker, Nellie Stead

Maria Stefan, Alex Waterhouse, William Leeming

P10. Piano Solo Yr. 7 & Under

W. Hugo Murray;  2.Yuxuan Feng; 3. Emelyn McCann

P18. Piano Trio Yr. 10 & Under

W. Rachel Zhuang, Leon Zhuang, Yuxuan Feng

P11.Piano Solo Yr. 8 & Under

W.Clara Nattress

P12. Piano Duet Yr. 8 & Under

W. Jinghan & Allan Zeng; 2. Clara Nattress & Betsey Riley

P15. Piano Recital (2 or 3 pieces) Yr. 8 & Under

W. Allan Zeng

2= Leon Zhuang; Yuxuan Feng

3= Samir Evans; Hugo Murray

P16. Piano Solo Yr. 10 & Under

W. Krish Desha Beerachee; 2. Helena Conybeare; 3.Rachel Zhuang

P17. Piano Duet Yr. 10 & Under

W. Sanjitha Ganesh & Krish Desha Beerachee

2. Ellie Coral & Emily Gibbons

3. Jinghan & Allan Zeng

P22. Piano Duet Yr. 12 & Under

W. Rachel & Leon Zhuang



Wednesday 16th October

P20.Piano Solo Recital Yr.10 & Under(own choice: 2 or 3 pieces)

W. Sabina Palferman; 2. Ellie Coral; 3.Jinghan Zeng

P21. Piano Solo Yr.12 & Under (any Grade 5 piece)

W. Hugo Murray; 2. Krish Desha Beerachee; 3. Tabitha Wood

Piano Solo Yr. 12 & Under (2 or 3 pieces at least Grade 5)

W. Jinghan Zeng 

2. Krish Desha Beerachee

3= Leon Price; James Adam; Christopher Faulkner

P28. Piano Solo 18 Years & Under

W. Krish Desha Beerachee

P30. Piano Solo 18 Years & Under (any Grade 8 piece)

W. Sabrina Spilker; 2. Jinghan Zeng

Thursday 17th October

P29. Piano Solo 18 Years & Under

W. Elliott Yip

P31. Piano Solo 18 Years & Under (JS Bach Prelude & Fugue)

W. Karen Rodriguez Boidi

P35. Piano Solo 18 Years & Under (2 or 3 pieces at least Grade 6)

W. Evie Kitching

P37. Piano Solo Open (own choice of Sonata)

W. Karen Rodriguez Boidi

P38. Piano Solo Diploma Holders (own choice 15-20 minute programme)

W. Aaron Moorhouse

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