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Important Dates


1 March 2022 - Closing date for entries to the Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts Speech, Drama and Music Festival 2022.

17th- 20th May 2022 - 2022 Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts Speech, Drama and Music Festival.

Youngest Person Placed in a class: Yuhan Feng (aged 5)

Winner of Year 6 & 8 Recital Class and Year 8 Duets: Allan Zeng (aged 6)

Committee Award for 8 Years and Under: Leon Price

Winner of the Mawson Plate: Olivia Rix (most promising pianist under 12)

Committee Award for Years 12 & Under: Hugo Murray, winner of Year7 and  

                                                                                                                  Year12 classes


Year 6 & Under Duet Award: Lucinda Leeming & Jemima Escreet

Year 6 & Under Trio Award: Amelia Barclay, Hope Basham, Olivia Rix

Year 8...

Tuesday 15 October

P 3 Piano Solo Yr. 4 & Under :

 W. Olivia Rix; =2.Samir Evans, Yuhan Feng; =3.Victoria Benson, Lexi Mather

P4. Piano Solo Yr. 5 & Under:

W. Joseph Mason; =2. Yuxuan Feng, Emily Wood, Samuel Hess, Ethan Butland

P5.Piano Solo Yr. 6 & Under:

W. Yuxuan  Feng; 2. Nell Ritchie; 3. Lucinda Leeming

P6. Piano Solo Yr. 6 (Own Choice at least Grade 1)

W.  Allan Zeng; 2. Yuhan Feng; 3. Jasmin Rhodes

P7. Piano Solo (own choice, novice) Yr. 6 & Under

W. Samir Evans

The festival opened on Tuesday Morning with two non competitive classes featuring young performers aged between five and seven. “A lovely way to start the day” was Adjudicator Marilynne Davies’ comment as she praised their confidence and checked their understanding of technical terms. In a feature which has become her festival trademark, she then trained them in speaking out clearly and bowing to show respect for their audience before instructing them to bow to accept the “tumultuous applause” we in the audience were about to give them. Stars of the section were the tiny children who dressed like concert performers...

The Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts is pleased to announce that this year's Piano Syllabus has been published and is now available for viewing and download. Please note that this section of the Wharfedale Festival no longer includes Singing as in previous years.

This year's venue is once again the Christchurch Sanctuary on The Grove, in the centre of Ilkley and runs from 15th to 17th October. Closing date of 16th August 2019 has now passed, no further entries can be accepted. The programme will be available once all entries are received and collated.


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