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Search Engines

To make things easier to submit a site to the various Search Engines, we recommend AceBit's Hello Engines currently in version 10 for under £100 and this version will allow submission of up to ten different websites (Free version allows submission for two websites).

Also available is the professional version of Hello Engines, called AESOPS 10 which currently costs approximately €350/£280 for an unlimited number of web sites.


Remote Assistance

If you are after Remote Assistance and we have agreed to this, we will probably connect via Teamviewer to your desktop. Please download this Quick Connect program in readiness. We will require the ID and password once this is run.

If we require FTP access, please arrange for us to receive temporary FTP access to your server and let us know the details, URL, username and password. Thank you.

If we are de-bugging something like Joomla or phpList please ensure we have the access details, url, username and password.

Warning! Fake Failed Delivery Infected MessageJust received yet another email alledgedly from UPS, but of course it isn't from the genuine company, but another attempt to fool people into downloading infected files!

With a subject of Delivery halted for shipment #654308

The email starts off with:

Dear customer,
Our courier has attempted to deliver your package today, but nobody answered the door at the destination address.
The shipping process has been interrupted and the package was delivered to our local office....

Warning! Fake BT Bill email circulatingYet another fake email alledgedly from BT this time suggesting my BT bill is for £556.27 and there is a link to download so I can view the bill. The email looks genuine when viewed in a email program, or on a smart phone, but is of course fake, the scammers just use BT's images in an attempt to fool you into viewing the infected file that will at the very least fill your computer with malware and send out infected mail to your address book, and at worst, encrypt your files!

Subject is New BT...

Warning! Infected emailYet another version of an infected email alledgedly from efax{.}com, but in fact sent from ffax{.}com with a request to view your fax at https a###unt.efax.com/messages/#### but in fact that is spoofed to hide the actual address of http locksmithkeycodes{.}org/file (partial urls).

What is Ransomware?

As always, NEVER click on a link in such an obviously fake email as they will not be a document as the scammers suggest, but an auto running file that will infect your computer.

Warning! Fake UPS emailsFake UPS emails advising that a Delivery has failed as no one was available to sign for it are circulating. The spoofed address suggests it is from ups{AT}theupstore{.}com not ups store (only one s, even if that is a genuine domain).

The link to download the "delivery notice" is wwwapps.ups{dot}com which is also spoofed (fake) and really points to an infected file hosted on byobfranchise{.}com.

What is Ransomware?

As always, NEVER click on a link in such an obviously fake email as...

Warning! Infected fake email payload,Yet another fake and infected email alledgedly sent by Quickbooks with in this case, an attached invoice for $1,449,43 though there is no explaination as to what this "invoice" in actually for! It is of course quite fake and the payload will be an infected file that will at least attempt to infect my computer with malware, and at worst, encrypt my files!

The subject is Invoice (no.) for (a domain) from esquireinteriors{.}com but suggests it a quickbook's email and the infected file is stored...

Warning! Fake O2 EmailLatest fake email I've received is alledgedly from O2 but of course this is untrue. The O2.com as sender is spoofed and does in fact come from sidegate{.]org and includes a file called JobResults.zip but of course it is neither a Zip or an invoice as suggested. This is more likely to be a executable file that will infect your computer with malware at the very least and could possibly encrypt your machine with ransomware to make it unusable.

As always, NEVER click a link or download a file...

Warning! Fake QuickBook emailJust received yet another fake and infected email, this time with a subject title of "Final HMRC VAT - VAT 100 Report" alledgedly from quickbooks, when in fact the actual sending domain is turbotaxintuit.org.

The payload is supposed to be a zip file but will more likely be an infected autoruning file that will infect your computer with malware at the very least, and may end up encrypting your machine with ransomware!

As always, NEVER click a link or download a file that is even slightly...

Warning! Fake infected email Latest infected fake email this week is alledgedly from Xero Billing and refers to a subscription invoice although there is no mention of the amount billed in the email.

This will no doubt be on the infected file that the scammers are trying to you to download to infect your machine. The email seems to be sent from open-e-mail {DOT} com and as seems to be the norm uses a sharepoint {DOT} com url, in this case sharepoint.com/personal/enna_lugo_stisd_###/_layouts (partial url).

As always...

Warning! Fake eFax messageThe latest in a long line of fake, infected emails advising me that I have a eFax message awaiting me has turned up in my inbox today. This time it's supposedly from faxing2 {.} com and the infected files are hosted on the what is now usual sharepoint {.} com site with what seems to be an Australian  user's details: cerebralpalsysuppo-my.sharepoint.com/personal/vicki_cavalieros_####_org_au/ (Partial URL). In fact two have now arrived to two different email addresses, both with identical...

Warning! Fake New BT Bill email scamNewest fake BT Bill email going around currently. This time the domain it is supposedly being sent from is btbusiness {AT} bnetc {dot} com which is as ever, nothing to do with British Telecom. Slight change from the usual hosting of sharepoint, this time the infected files are hosted at datadirectory {dot} org which is another sign that this is fake and another attempt to infect your computer.